Monday, July 31, 2017

Sex Workers Got One Word for Enzo Amore, and They're Gonna Spell It Out for Him

Smacktalker Skywalker apparently is a Scrooge at the strip club
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Enzo Amore isn't exactly in the best position careerwise right now. Vince McMahon and/or the RAW team decided to break up his ultra-popular tag team act in service of advancing his former partner Big Cass' career. Amore will be alright because he can talk, but the tenor of the feud right now sees him more as grease for the churning wheel of the "real star" of the group. He's also not entirely popular in his own locker room, so much so that his antics have netted him timeout treatment from the rest of the roster. One might be inclined to feel sorry for the lad, but then again, maybe he does get on people's nerves to the point of maybe deserving to be ostracized.

Over the weekend, an exotic dancer, a stripper in vulgar terms, took to Twitter to air grievances over Amore's behavior over the weekend as a patron of hers.
So, those tweets have a lot to unpack. On the surface, the plaintiff here seems to be bitter and bothering a celebrity, which okay, I can see how it might come off like that, even if I don't agree. But, a few things here stick out, and they have everything to do with adult entertainment etiquette and treatment of people, especially sex workers. Whether prostitutes (legal or otherwise), escorts, or strippers, the overwhelming public perception is that those who deal in sexual employment aren't worth the same dignity. Most religions say it's a sin anyway, but folks, how about this radical thought? Sex workers are people with the same dignity and worth as you, working at whatever job you happen to spend x amount of hours a day and y amount of days a week at. They provide a service, one that not only you desperately want, but one that you desperately need to keep hidden from your "real" life. I'd say that's not only worth the price, but that the people in said industry deserve your utmost fucking respect.

Furthermore, because of the way strip clubs operate, you can't go to one and not expect to throw money at the girls/guys/persons. Again, they provide a service for their patrons, and because of the way the economy works, their line of work doesn't exactly get a great hourly wage and thus they need to rely on tips. They're like waitstaff, only with less clothing and a lot less food. So yeah, if they shake their curves at you, and you like it, give them a nice tip. This maxim goes double if you're rich, and triple if you're rich and talk a lot of shit like ol' Enzo Amore was here. Is the dancer nakedly (I swear, the pun is not intended) displaying her ambitions to make money off a famous person? Absolutely, and she probably deals with her share of ribald customers who aren't WWE superstars or what have you. But honestly, calling out the pigs of the world is needed in an industry like exotic dancing where said pigs are emboldened to treat the workers like dirt is absolutely needed.

You see, one doesn't have to be a pig to enjoy naked ladies (or men, or enbies, or [insert gender here]) wriggling what God gave them in one's face. You can go to a strip club, enjoy the flapping genitals, even take care of yourself later, when you're all by yourself in the comfort of your own home, and not go in with the attitude that they're your subordinates. Amore's attitudes just reek of that sort of superiority, calling the one dancer a "whore" as a pejorative or throwing his female coworkers under the bus as if being a stripper should be something to be ashamed of. The most telling thing is his attitudes towards money, in that he thinks $2,500 is worth the price of his marijuana habit, but he'll tip $10 maximum for a premium service.

Of course, it's a "free country" and one is free to do what they want to do, but at the same time, treatment of service workers, especially sex workers, is a huge barometer of what kind of person one is. It's entirely possible that he could be hiding that side of him with "the boys" and only showing that disdain for people he deems beneath him, but then again, some people just can't help but big time folks no matter what. It makes sense that Amore might annoy his co-workers to the point where Roman Reigns had to throw him off a bus if shit like this gets out.