Monday, October 23, 2017

Personal Foul, KINSHAAAASSAAAAAA, 15 Yards, Replay Down

The collegiate King of Strong Style
Photo Credit: Rich Barnes/USA Today
The current football season has given the world a plenitude of wrestling moves performed on the gridiron, and this past Saturday, the focus went from suplex and slam to knee strikes? Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey channeled his inner Nakamuraness against the Miami Hurricanes:

All that was missing was Corey Graves yelling "KINSHAAAAAASAAAAAA!" or the New Japan announce team yelling "BOMA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Of course, the big difference between college football and wrestling, besides the fact that if that knee were intentionally thrown and not just a circumstance of taking the leap, is that even in WWE, the Kinshasa/Boma Ye is a protected finisher. Here, the Orange ended up taking the equivalent of the three-second tan, as Miami won, 27-19. Maybe the next time they play (which won't be in the next three years, for some reason), Syracuse should just take Miami to Suplex City.