Monday, October 23, 2017

The Dream Team Strikes Again

The man and his crew
Photo via @PowerbombTV
Yesterday, Powerbomb TV presented Futures, the second of its big, catch-all shows with talent from affiliate promotions. It featured the crowning of the Independent Champion, the culmination of a tournament that sought the best unsigned talent across at least the continent of North America. After outlasting Fly Warrior and Joey Lynch, Jonathan Gresham walked out Old Forge, PA as the first ever holder of that title. Flanked by his manager Stokely Hathaway and new Dream Teammates John Skyler and Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Gresham took the glory and even was issued a challenge from an absolute legend in indie wrestling. Jody Fleisch threw the gauntlet down after the match ended.

Of course, it'd only make sense that challengers would come out of the woodwork to go for the newest title on the scene. With PBTV's latest announcement, its number of affiliate promotions covers a wide swath of styles and regions across the world. The Independent Championship already is a top indie title in the United States. It also is well on its way to being a top title worldwide too with PBTV's reach in Mexico, Portugal, and other countries outside the USA. Gresham now is going to be in demand for local promotions all over the globe.

Gresham also has the pedigree to be able to shoulder that load. He's already regarded as one of the best workers in the world, and adding that title to his mantel not only is a ceremonial achievement, but it's an endorsement of him as an able ace for the entirety of indie wrestling. All he has to do is put in the matches and people will see it clearly. He'll have the best management possible behind him in Hathaway, who enhances everyone he's attached to. He helped Moose get to where he is. He salvaged Timothy Thatcher's EVOLVE Championship reign. And now, he's going to go worldwide. I can't think of a better tandem to break PBTV and the Independent Championship out.