Friday, December 1, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

Is Dunne/Bate III on Full Sail's horizon? 
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Last week on a ghost episode of NI60: Ruby Riot and Sonya Deville competed in the first ever "Winner (And Loser) Get Called Up Match", and Johnny Gargano somehow failed to take the WWEUK title from Pete Dunne.

Street Profits: stir it up and gyrate, respectively
Riddick Moss and Tino Sabotelli: get heat by being alive, more or less, which is actually a big compliment
Angelo Dawkins: gets a couple of waistlock takedowns
Small But Loud San Antonio Crowd: One more time!  One more time!
AD: obliges
Montez Ford: yelps happily from the apron, tags in in a bit and gets assisted on his standing moonsault
Tino: blind tags in and lays him out
Crowd: BOOOO
Montez: nips up and lands a sweet dropkick, Angelo comes in to help him get rid of Riddick with the Midnight Express double flapjack, then back from the break soccer kicks Moss from the apron
Tino: charges the distracted Ford and sends him into the barrier then ground and pounds him in the ring
Mossotelli: double team Ford in their quarter of the ring and celebrate
Riddick: mocks Ford's wiggling
Mauro Ranallo: Those are want your money back moves!
Montez: gets out from under and eventually dodges a couple moves to make a tag
Angelo: Spinning avalanches! Let's do this!
Riddick: lands a cheap shot from the outside and holds down Angelo's feet while Tino pins him
Drake: One...two...thr... HEY! Stop that!
Montez: cannonballs into Moss from the apron and blind tags in
Angelo: Pop up spinebuster!
Montez: Frog splash!
Drake: Three!  Winners!
the Profits: celebrate in the crowd yet again 

Moustache Mountain, US Release: Our friend Wolfgang got left high and dry by Pete and the Undisputed Era laid him out as a result.  We'll teach him a lesson tonight, since we're a real tag team.
Mark Andrews, Also "Earlier Today": sighs Yes, Pete Dunne is an asshole.   Yes, he's been an asshole to me.  But if we win tonight, I figure that'll make me #1 contender and get me a shot at his belt.  So, tonight?  He's my asshole.

Kairi Sane: comes out and salutes the faux Full Sailors
Peyton Royce: I heart my I heart Billie shirt!
Billie Kay: I heart my I heart Peyton shirt!
Kairi: gives them the sideye
Both: trade basics
Billie: provides a distraction
Peyton: hits a standing spinning heel kick then some hammer shots
Kairi: blocks a shot into the buckle and gives one back, big spear, corner sliding D, Insane Elbow
Referee: Winner!
Kairi: makes the international gesture of I Still Want The Belt around her waist when she stands on the corner buckles

Voiceover: Next week, Ruby Riot faces Sonya Deville in a no holds barred match!
People Having Watched The Last Two Weeks Of Main Roster Shows: Quoz?

Moustache Mountain: comes out to a decent pop
Mark Andrews: comes out to a smaller but audible pop as well
Pete Dunne: is very much the most popular person or unit on the show, then points at Tyler You again.
Tyler Bate: YOU again.
Both: wrestle and counter wrestle
Dunne: feints a tag to Andrews and cracks Tyler in the mouth, then actually tags out
Moustache Mountain: lands a double team on Andrews
Andrews: comes back to get control on Trent VII
Dunne: blind tags in
TVII: lands a couple of chops, then feints one into a DDT
Andrews: blind tags in
Referee: doesn't see it
Dunne: lays out TVII and shrugs
Crowd: Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!
Andrews: eventually tags in and keeps working over TVII
Dunne: blind tags in when TVII starts trying to come back
Whatever Parjeas Incredibles Is In British: DOUBLE KNEE DRIVER INTO A BACKSTABBER!
Referee: Kickout!
Dunne: works over TVII some more, then takes a brief break to mock his partner
Trent Seven: STARS LARIAT!
Dunne: ...ow
Tyler: gets the tag, Exploder, standing shooting star press
Referee: Kickout!
Dunne: avoids the Tyler Driver '97 and tags out
Andrews: lands a victory roll double stomp and corkscrew standing moonsault
Referee: Kickout!
Crowd: This is awesome! clap clap clapclapclap etc
Andrews: cuts off a top rope Bate attempt with an enzuigiri and goes up
Dunne: tags in
Andrews: ...the f0ck
Andrews: pauses to glare at Dunne, then ranas Tyler off the top
Dunne: catches him and powerbombs him in one fell swoop
Referee: Kickout!
Tyler: bop BANG tags out
TVII: SnapDragons Dunne and tags out for a back suplex into a powerbomb
Andrews: saves the match
Dunne: makes 7 chop Tyler, then lands an enzuigiri on Trent
Tyler: rolling koppu kicks Dunne, and sets up for a deadlift German
Dunne: barely makes the tag to Andrews mid-move
Tyler: lands the German
Andrews: legally moonsaults into the match
Referee: Kickout!
Tyler: airplane spins Andrews
Dunne: blind tags in and sneaks in a rollup
Referee: Kickout!
Tyler: Rebound lariat!  Tyler Driver '97!
Referee: Winners! 
Andrews: looks frustrated, then tries to help Pete up after a couple of beats
Dunne: waives him off
Andrews: scoffs and starts leaving the ring
Dunne: lays him out from behind
Crowd: cheers 
Dunne: leaves then comes back and gives Andrews the Bitter End Give me my belt!
Flunky: does so
Dunne: leaves for real this time