Friday, March 2, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

A champion concerned about all this white-on-white violence
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Velveteen Dream: comes out to his usual big heel pop
Tyler Bate: gets a smaller pop
Both: go catch as can on the mat, Bate World of Sporting it up and sends Dream scurrying
Dream: throws a fit outside
Bate: grooms the 'stache
Dream: gets control back from break and works over the back
Bate: fires back with some forearms and a boot Exploder!  Airplane spin!  Rebound lariat!
Dream: No, no and no.  Spine on the pine!
Bate: Negative.  Euros!  And now to
Dream: Crotch you on the top rope and hit the Purple Rainmaker?  I concur.
Referee: Winner!
Dream: poses 

Paul Ellering: My authors became immortalized in "last year's" Dusty Classic.  Other teams have stars in their eyes, but we see the truth: this is our road back to our titles.
His Authors: yell in Samoan or possibly Albanian but also note We will take back our titles.  All will suffer.  War is our peace.

Cezar Bononi: comes out to no reaction
Some Guy With Championship Backup: ADAM COLE, BAY BAY! 
Center Stagers: respond in kind
ACBB: Cezar, relax for a minute.  Look who I'm in the ring with, you guys — the 2017 Future Star of the Year. It's a big deal; give him a round of applause.  starts clapping
Center Stagers: small, respectful bout of clapping
ACBB: Listen: a Future Star...belong in the Era.
Kyle O'Reilly, MMA Enthusiast: tosses him a shirt
Center Stagers: DO IT!  DO IT!
ACBB: lays him out and stomps him down, fives his comrades ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!
Cezar: kicks him down, lays out the champs individually and lands a Michinoku Driver, then yells at the champs
ACBB: Thankyew SUPERKICK!  Enzui Wizard!
Referee: Winner!
ACBB: lands some stomps after the bell Only the best...only the Undisputed.

Shayna: piefaces Kairi to start then starts landing strikes and knees
Kairi: dodges a corner knee in the second act Double handed chops!  Interceptor!  Slidng D!  Top rope flying forearm!
Referee: Kickout!
Kairi: URAKEN!  And now, time for the
Shayna: Roundhouse kick to the head and Kirifuda Driver.  Couldn't agree more.
Kairi: taps
Center Stagers: BOO!
Referee: Winner!
Shayna: (yelling at the announce) Ember's a coward!  She won't get back in the ring with me because I'd leave with her title or a limb!  stomps off to the back

Zerlina Vega: Welcome the greatest champion in NXT history, Mr. 4-0.  You thought Johnny was going to win?  He did, too, and then his family and friends and wife all watched him lose not once, not twice, not thrice, but... four times.  A clean sweep.  He earned your respect?  Who cares?  It's about Andrade.  It's about him earning money, fame and power.  And unlike most women, I don't feed off my man's success, I create it.
Andrade "Cien" Almas: He kept trying and losing.  They all fall before El Idolo, just like Johnny Jobless.  I am the NXT Champion!  they leave
Incindiary: No man is ever truly GOOD!  No man is ever truly E!  VIL!
Aleister Black: stares at them on the ramp from the ring, and puts the mic up to say
Bagpipes: start playing
Killian Dain: comes out and stares at them both
Black: takes off his coat
Dain: You're in my path!
They: throw hands
Team Idolo: goes from concerned to amused and leave
Black: whiffs a Mass
Dain: drills a Divide
Black: ow
Dain: glares down at him, satisfied