Friday, May 25, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

Nothing good can last (Photo Credit:
Heavy Machinery: Power power power!
TM61: Slipperiness and cutting the ring into quadrants!
Full Sailors: Let's go Tucky!  clap clap clap clap
Otis: tags in Splut splat GORSH!  Let me wipe my brow right quick...
Shane: Let me upkick you from the apron!
Nick: Let me roll you up with my feet on the ropes!
Shane: Let me help keep them there!
Referee: Winners!
Team Holzerman: aw c'mon man

Kairi: Dropkick at the bell!  Forearms!
Lacey: Big chop!
Kairi: Back at you!  Quasi Destino!
Lacey: Arm work!
Kairi: Blockbuster!  Axe kick!  Inteceptor!  Sliding K!
Lacey: ugh rolls out of the ring
Kairi: Kabuki elbow off the stairs!  Another one in the rin
Referee: Winner!
Everybody: wait what
Kairi: weakly "kicks out"
Johnathon Grapples, Now With Neck Brace: My neck's seen better days, obviously.  We talked about the future and came to a decision as a team, but Cathy, I need to tell the people before I tell you.

Oney, Last Week: We just beat the tag team champions!  I believe that makes us number one contenders.
Danny, Also Last Week: Win number one earns us the shot.  Win number two earns us the belts.
the Undisputed Era: UGH as IF
Robert Fish, Esq.: This charade comes to an end in Chicago.
Rod Strength: I have no patience, so let Daniel fight me so I can show him what a fluke it was and how way, way out of our league they are.
Some Guy: And that is undisputed.

Lars: comes out
Team R^VD: tentatively fistbump before the bell
Full Sailors: Huzzah!
Lars: beats on Dream
Ricochet: tags in
Lars: beats on Ricochet
Dream: tags back in, holds the legs
Ricochet: Springboard dropkick!
Lars: Press kickout at 1!
Dream: ...uhhh...Axehandles! Rick, a little help?!
Ricochet: tags in
Team R^VD: Swarm!  series of double teams
Lars: puts those meesters on their keisters, beats on the Dream Diving headbutt!
Ricochet: Save!  ah crap
Lars: chases him around the ring
Dream: Medium Purple Rainmaker!  Tag!
Ricochet: Flying Santana!  619 over the top!
Dream: Steamboat press!
Ricochet: Standing Star Press!
Lars: Kickout!
Dream: tags in Gamengiri!
Ricochet: Bicycle axe kick!
Dream: Springboard senton bomb!
Ricochet: Heh, got that beat — springboard 450!

Dream: Have you ever seen Firefly?
Ricochet: ...can't say that I have yet, no.
Dream: Not even on ROLLING DVD smacktalks him and leaves
Everybody Not Lars: ...that's what we get for believing in things.
Lars: Freak Accident!
Referee: Winner!

Cathy Kelley: Next week, Dakota Kai, you get a shot at the NXT Women's World Championship; how are you mentally preparing for it?
DK: I've wanted this shot for years, and now I have it. my head, the biggest bully I've ever seen in
Shayna: It's really funny how every time I show up, you shut up.  You know you don't stand a chance, right?
DK: ...we'll see about that.  leaves

Johnny: In light of recent events, I have to ask myself is it worth it?
Full Sailors: imitate Daniel Bryan
Johnny: Is it worth it? 

Full Sailors: imitate Daniel Bryan
Johnny: rips off and throws down neck brace LOL of course it is TOMASSHOLE GET YOUR SORRY ASS OUT HERE AND I'LL END THIS RIGHT NOW
Candice: ...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Tomasshole: If you're still in that ring when I get inside it, I will.
Johnny: waves him in
Referees: come out and fill the space
Full Sailors: Let them fight!  Let them fight!
Candice: Stop!
Tomasshole: waves, then picks up the mic Yeah, be a good little boy and listen to your wife.
Johnny: thinks about leaving, doesn't, rushes the ring
Tomasshole: sends him off the apron
Johnny: accidentally lands onto Candice
Candice's Head: accidentally slams into the ramp
Tomasshole: ...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh leaves
Johnny: calls for the medics
Medics: check on Candice