Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Without Help from the Bookers, They Can't

Getting the Tag Pennies over is only partially on Slater and Gabriel... they definitely need help from the bookers
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I read Jim Ross' post-Elimination Chamber thoughts on his blog, and you can too, right here. I thought it was a pretty nondescript read except for one passage that I took a little bit of an issue with:
Can the Corre resurrect the Tag Titles and make them more relevant?
I thought that this was a pretty ignorant thing to say, as if the WWE's tag picture has been all the faults of the talents holding the belts rather than the slipshod way that Creative has treated them ever since the Hart Dynasty dethroned ShowMiz for them. I don't know, given that the Harts were immediately put into a feud with heatless newcomers in the Usos, a feud that because it didn't get over right away, was shunted to Superstars, given the short-shrift and then thrown on PPV as filler.

The Corrrrrrrre will only have as much of a chance to resurrect the Tag Pennies as Creative will give them. If they're given a legitimate feud against another team, namely, someone from the New Nexus in the interim, then yeah, they can do wonders for those belts. But if the WWE continues not to care about tag teams, then it's disaster waiting to happen. It's disingenuous to say otherwise.

I'm not even saying that WWE needs to have regular tag teams to make the belts seem important. I think we'd just be wishing futilely for that to happen nowadays. Even though a strong tag division is the best way to build stars for the future, well, it's so icky and old school and having to do with "wrestling" that Kevin Dunn and band of failed TV writers won't have anything to do with it. I'll be happy if they just at least book the mongrel teams they put together in such a fashion that they value the tag titles and build them up to get over before putting them in contention.

Admittedly, the Co(r*Avogadro's Number)e has a leg up because they're part of a feature stable. Hopefully, that at least translates to some focus on the straps, because if not, then it's doomed to start. And honestly, I would expect better from JR if I didn't already realize that he really doesn't criticize management as much as people think he does. Still though, it's really disingenuous for him to say the onus is on Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to get those belts over when really, the bookers haven't done dick to get them over as an attraction unto themselves in over a year. (Yeah, Santino and Kozlov were over as Champions, but how much of that was due to Santino's animal magnetism and sheer charisma? I'd say all of it.)

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