Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jerry Sags vs. Davey Jones Locker Wings

Adam Richman coaching the Nasty Boy through his challenge
Photo Credit: Tampa

If you didn't watch tonight, Man vs. Food Nation, a spin-off/next evolution of the popular Travel Channel series where Adam Richman goes around to different eateries and takes MASSIVELY ABSURD food challenges, featured Jerry Sags of the Nasty Boys. The new twist on MvF features Richman, instead of taking challenges himself, coaching other people to take them. There were two episodes tonight. The second one, based in the Nasties hometown of Tampa, was the one where Sags did battle with food.

His challenge was to eat 10 "Davey Jones' Locker" wings in under a half-hour and then have five minutes of "afterburn" time (read, sit there and marinate in the spice without relieving the burn at all). What made this wings so intense was the sauce. It was made with not only roasted habanero peppers, which will make your anus shoot sparks for days after consumption, but extracted capsaicin oil from said habaneros. Yes, the guy making these wings pretty much took the thing that makes habaneros spicy and took away what makes them tasty, and then put it in the sauce.

Unsurprisingly, Sags aced the challenge, with his partner Brian Knobbs to his left and Richman to his right. Sags has spent a career taking bumps and dealing with his own and Knobbs' gimmicked body odor. Plus, he was in TNA in the last two years. I think that last fact alone gave him the endurance to make the Davey Jones wings do the job. What's next for Sags? I dunno, but I think I want to see him eat a ghost chili. Then, we'll see if he REALLY has the chops and can hang in the main event of hot pepper consumption.

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