Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 128: Bryce Remsburg

Bryce doin' his thang at NPWD
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
Episode 128: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Azerbaijan

Bryce Remsburg, sketch comedy icon and senior official for Chikara Pro Wrestling, yes, CHIKARA, is back on the show this week to talk about the company's return. We recount the events of National Pro Wrestling Day, and I ask him about various strains in the story. He explains how he and others within the company took some big risks to tell this kind of story and admits that they expected to lose some fans along the way. However, he reassures everyone that Chikara is back full-time, and that this story is not over but entering its third act. I ask him about several different components of pre-shutdown Chikara and Bryce tells me how likely they are to come back. We finish the show up with some listener questions.

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