Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Just a Bunch of Hogwash

In addition to being Larry Sweeney's birthday and the day Nelson Frazier passed away, February 18 was also the anniversary of the passing of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Admittedly, Gilbert resides in a blind spot of my wrestling fandom. I didn't get into ECW until after he had died, and my viewing of old Memphis tapes is light to say the least. However, he is talked up as one of the best talkers and most charismatic characters in wrestling history. I did a quick YouTube search of his name, and the following angle came up. A group called the "Wrestling Fans International Association" polled fans across the country on various awards, and Gilbert and Tommy Rich won Tag Team of the Year. However, by the time the awards were presented, they had broken up. Obviously, they weren't going to accept the awards harmoniously, especially since nothing in Memphis ever happened harmoniously. The best part about the whole thing, though, has to be the running commentary from Lance Russell.

A tip of the hat to @atomic_elbow for this week's selection.