Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Good on You, Michael Sam

Chikara's back
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 128: Bryce Remsburg [Being for the Benefit of Mr. Azerbaijan]

- The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 129: Eamon Paton [Turner the Paige]

- Let's go home [Wrestlegasm]

- The rebirth of Chikara [Voices of Wrestling]

- Storytelling lessons from World Wrestling Entertainment [Harvard Business Review]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: Thank You for Being a Friend [With Leather]

- The Heart is RAW: An Empire by the Sea [International Object]

- RAW: Damage limitation [Wrestlegasm]

- Interview: Dynamite Dan, son-in-law of Dynamite Kid [The Only Way Is Suplex]

- Dragon Wars: The hope and hostility of the YES Movement [False Underdog]

- The Ring of Honor influence: How one small company impacted WWE []

- The Roy Hibbert Roundup: Thoughts on George Orwell, Flappy Bird, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin [The Score]

- The WWE's New New Generation [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling: I Can Put My Arm Back On, You Can't [With Leather]

- Jesse Ventura: I move around in Mexico so the drones can't find me [The Verge]

- The Merch Table: WWF Cookbook Special [Wrestling on Earth]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- “Michael Sam’s draft stock will plummet because it’s a distraction” = “We are terrified about how shitty our players are.” [The Footbawl Blog]

- "The eagle has landed," the amazing behind the scenes story about how the Michael Sam story unfolded [OutSports]

- Michael Sam shouldn't have to do this alone [Deadspin]

- Peter King Doesn’t Even Bother To Ask An NFL GM To Go On The Record With His Disdain of a Gay Player [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- The Daily Win: Michael Sam and the NFL's Status Quo [SB Nation]

- Michael Sam being gay will only be a distraction to those who allow it to be [Wide Left]

- Michael Sam stares down criticism [Sports on Earth]

- How not to talk about Michael Sam [Groupthink]

- Michael Sam shines an incredibly positive light on Mizzou [Rock M Nation]

- T-Pain slams homophobia in hip-hop for six straight minutes [Gawker]

- The Westminster Dog Show Rankings, 2014: Sorry Again, Spaniels [SB Nation]

- Marcus Smart shoved an old fan and I will now stifle my laughter [The Mighty MJD]

- The Gaslight District: The dangerous precedent set by the Woody Allen molestation allegations [Pajiba]

- Let's stop rewarding powerful white misogynists [Groupthink]

- Missing Pokemon embedded in X and Y's code is the star of the next movie [Kotaku]

- The most worthless Pokemon could still kill you dead [Kotaku]

- Check these classic games as romance novels [UPROXX]

- Keith Olbermann obliterates the nightmare that is the Sochi Olympics [Warming Glow]

- Ten games from sitcoms that should be in the Olympics [Pajiba]

- The Fickle Pig: The Sandwich Smith [On Sandwiches]

- 29 common myths about booze, debunked [io9]

- Meme watch: Lays' "Do us a flavor" crowdsourcing campaign hilariously backfires [UPROXX]

- Hot take: Richard Nixon and friends on Super Bowl XLVIII [The Classical]

- Quiz: Which team would the Eagles resemble if Eagles fans were in charge? []

- 20 astounding facts about Blazing Saddles on its 20th anniversary [UPROXX]

- Russell Brand opens up about Philip Seymour Hoffman [UPROXX]

- Aaron Sorkin pens a remarkable obituary for Philip Seymour Hoffman [Warming Glow]

- The mock draft ruiner is back [Boring as Heck]

- An open letter from the Death Star designer [Dorkly]

- 12 signs Jor-El was much more of a dick than Superman [io9]

- Cuckolded: Why do so many men fantasize about watching their wives cheat on them? [Playboy SFW]