Friday, June 6, 2014

Impact Now Has More Awesome People Writing Reviews about It Than Writing Scripts FOR It

Read Dylan's thoughts on the Wolves IMPLODING and other things
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Voices of Wrestling's Impact Review by Dylan Hales

TWB alumna and super cool wrestling fan type person Danielle Matheson has long written the only words that have mattered about TNA's Impact on the Internet at With Leather. She now has someone else joining her in writing pertinent, salient things about NXT's Thursday night competition. Dylan Hales, a frequent guest on that podcast thing I used to have, has taken over the mantel of reviewing the show for the inimitable Voices of Wrestling site. While Danielle writes from a position of love and hope, Dylan's point of view is from an unabashed non-fan and critic of the company. He puts his cards on the table early in his first review linked above that he thinks TNA is the worst wrestling promotion in history.

So why should you read someone's reviews of a promotion they're inclined to be biased against? Firstly, they'll be well-written and intelligent. Dylan knows his shit. Secondly, he's the yang to Danielle's yin. Not everything in this world is positive and happy and cheery, and sometimes, you just need raw, unadulterated Haterade to go with your main course of joy and wonder. Thirdly, you'll probably get a few laughs out of it. Make the Best and Worst of Impact and Dylan's reviews of the show on VOW weekly appointment reading, even if you don't even think to watch the show.