Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Are Not Your Job: Why Vince McMahon Should Stop Being Mad and Nude Online

Pictured: Someone whose skin is extremely red over something trivial
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When word of the engagement between Rusev and Lana leaked, the most predictable story to come from it was certainly the response of Vince McMahon, whose creative department had just spent two months splitting the two apart in storyline and fixing them up with Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler respectively. While the story has drawn mixed, mostly bad, reviews, it's something that has been a bedrock for all four personalities for awhile. McMahon reportedly being angry over real life stuff ruining his story might seem understandable if one is inclined to believe a person's job should dominate their lives. It really shouldn't.

A person is not defined by his or her job. It's reasonable to expect a boss to have expectations of his or her workers during the time spent on the clock, but outside of those confines, what say should that person have over the genpop's lives? None. A job is a means to an end for most, and in a world where people live to see retirement if they're lucky, that job shouldn't be the thing that dominates their lives if they don't want it to. Things like family, hobbies, and being social can have priority if that person so chooses. That courtesy should extend to the wrestling business as well.

The counterargument is that wrestlers shouldn't break kayfabe. That counter is silly because kayfabe has been dead for years, at least the kayfabe that those defenders are talking about. Nearly everyone acknowledges that wrestling is staged on some level, and that atmosphere has led into the new kayfabe of the veil of whether or not something happening on TV is based on real life stuff or not being born. Would the CM Punk "pipebomb" have been nearly as effective if the old kayfabe were as healthy in 2011 as it was in 1971? Fuck and no.

Vince McMahon wants to take advantage of the new kayfabe but he still clings to the old. That makes him selfish and megalomaniacal. Then again, few people fail to recognize that he's both. Still, if the people playing Lana and Rusev want their engagement to be public, who gives a fuck what "story" it ruins? The only reason why that angle was trash was that it's been poorly conceived and written and executed (outside of the fish-throwing segment, which was ++) from jump. It wasn't "ruined" by a real life announcement, and if it could be ruined by such, your story wasn't that good to begin with.