Friday, August 31, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

A Last Shot of success before a declaration of War
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Last week on the Leftovers, Bianca beat Deanna and Dunne beat Zack Gibson again

Master Regal, "Earlier Today" Outside His Office: Cathy, I can confirm that tonight I'm starting the Black investigation.

Announce: speculates about the Black investigation
A Man With No Music But With A Crutch's Assistance: comes out
Full Sailors: Johnny Wrestling!  clap clap clapclapclap Johnny Wrestling!  clap clap clapclapclap

Johnny Wrestling: You guys have always had my back...
Full Sailors: see above
JW: ..but I don't deserve that right now.
Full Sailors: You deserve it!
JW: No, I don't.  I love the chants, but I broke a promise to you.   And I've made a lot of mistakes lately.  I said if I won the Big X in Brooklyn, I'd fix them, but I didn't.  I lost.  I failed you.  I thought I could make it right but I didn't.  I don't know where I go from here; I lost more than a match in Barclays, I lost myself.  (there is a clear emotional break that begins here) I don't know what to do anymore!  I became something I'm not proud of...and I hate to say his name...but I became Tomasso Ciampa in Brooklyn.  He's in my head and I CAN'T GET HIM OUT and I don't know how to feel or what to do...I...I have to be better.  For you guys.  For Candice.  Everybody.  But I don't know how...
Master Regal: I'll be frank; when Aleister comes back, he's going to burn this place down unless I find his assailant.  Did you do it?
JW: You've known me for a long time, boss.
Master Regal: My personal opinion of you doesn't matter.  Did you do it?
JW: How about you look into my eyes?  You'll know my answer.
Velveteen Dream: How about we stop talking about a man who lost in Brooklyn and start talking about one who didn't?
Full Sailors: Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!
Dream: I'm sick and disgusted listening to the same Woe Is Johnny song.  It's heartbreaking, but tonight shouldn't be about him or the man who said my name; tonight should be about the Experience, the man who stole the show in BK and had the world buzzing as a trending topic.
Full Sailors: see previous
Dream: NOT Johnny FAILURE.
Full Sailors: oh snap
JW: (bangs the mic against his head a few times) Johnny Failure, that, that's real funny — real funny —  Johnny Fa... you know, they gave me this crutch to use, so what the hell?  throws it at Dream
Dream: comes in after him
Master Regal: No!  No!  Enough of this!  Johnny, leave this ring, Dream, go to my office, and you two can settle this next week.

Dakota Kai: comes out to cheers
Aliyah: does not
Announce: plays her up as Rule 63 Ariya Daivari
Kai: Double stomp!
Aliyah: Camel clutch with crossfaces!  Thesz press and punches!  Bodyscissors!
Kai: Around the horn Yakuza kick!  Basement single leg facewash!
Aliyah: What if I
Kai: Sunset lungblower!
Referee: Winner!

Dream: Thank you for not wasting my time.  leaves
Master Regal: Next!
the Forgotten Sons, Who By The Way Are Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler, and Some Guy: We finally got your attention, if for the wrong reasons.  We didn't do it, or see it, security footage proves it.  We were actually trying to find you so we could finally get an opportunity around here.
Master Regal: Fair enough.  You'll get it next week.

EC3: is waylaid in the back
A Familiar Hulking Figure: walks away in the background
Raul Mendoza: comes out to face EC3
Lars Sullivan: Unlike the assault on Aleister Black, there's no doubt who assaulted EC3; it was me!  When my name comes out of someone else's mouth, I'll rip them limb from limb!  As for you... you're in Lars Sullivan territory now.
Raul: ...shit
Lars: Crossfaces!  Pop up powerslam!  No Accident!

Master Regal: What did you see, Nikki?  Do you know who did it?
Nikki Cross: spins around in her chair a few times, throws a pen at his associate I saw it all.  It was beautiful.  I want to answer the phone.  confirms to the nobody on the phone she saw it and flails around on the desk
Bianca BelAir: This is why I've been kept waiting?!  Come on.  I'm done waiting.  I'm at 100%, I'm healthy, you saw me beat Deonna last week.  How about I get a title shot?
Nikki: Would you like to play?
Bianca: rolling eyes When you get done playing with your pet and want to make the right decision, you know where to find me.

#14: When I went away for my ACL surgery last year I swore to you all I'd be the most dangerous SOB in NXT history, and yet I've surpassed all expectations.  I ended the Gargano fairy tale.  I am the Champ, the Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time, and my belt is the proof.  It takes a certain kind of man to claw and scrape to the top, but an entirely different beast to make his home there. I am that man, and this is just the beginning.  No one will survive what's coming next.

Keith Lee: comes out to the Seven Bask Army song and chants
Luke Menzies: is new here, also large, and European as well, and throws some strikes
Keith: Adorable.  Rana off the ropes!
Many Full Sailors, the Announce, and Possibly You: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK
Keith: And now, I will
Luke: keeps trying it
Keith: throws his almost cartoonishly big hands  As I was saying, I will
Luke: tries it some more but weaker
Keith: POUUUUUUUUUUUNCE!  Avalanche!  Grizzly Magnum!
Several Front Row Full Sailors: cringe at the double handed corner chop
Keith: Spirit Bomb!
Referee: Winner!
Full Sailors: oh, bask in his glooooory!   oh, bask in his glooooory! ♬ 
Ricochet: comes out to a huge pop
Pete Dunne: whatever British for ditto is
the Undisputed Era: hit their gang sign and their pose
ADAM COLE, BAY BAY: I want him (pointing to Ricochet).  Kyle, sit this one out.
Kyle O'Reilly: You got it, boss.
Dunne and Roddy: renew hostilities
Ricochet: gets the tag Headscissor!  Nip up!  Dropkick!
Roddy: DTH into the middle buckle!  Tag!
ACBB: Oh, now you're going to get it, buddy.  You think
Roddy: Blind tag!  Half nelson backbreaker!
the Era: cut off the ring, hit some double teams
Ricochet: gets beaten down but fights out of the Bad Part of Town for his partner
Dunne: Step up Owenzuigiri!  Buzzsaw kick!
ACBB: Wait just a
Dunne: X-Plex you ON him!
the Era: OW
Roddy: Kickout!
Dunne: See how long that lasts.  Release German!  Sitout powerbomb!
ACBB: Save!
Ricochet: springboards in with a Eurocut and takes the hit from Roddy so Pete doesn't
Dunne: Step up Owenzuigiri!
Roddy: ends up on the floor by the boss
Dunne: Triangle moonsault!
the Era: ...
Ricochet: ...crap.
Dunne: ...
the Era: Swarm!
Roddy: hHhigh knee!  Tag!
ACBB: Last Shot 2.0! 
Referee: Winners!
the Era: do some post match celebratory beating
ACBB: Indie Last Shot!  Not such a great champ now, are you!? 
War Raiders: come out
the Era: Our stove ran away and we left the cat on byeeeeeeeeeeeee
War Raiders: grumblemutter